We are aware, that apartment purchase or sale is usually the first step towards achieving the ultimate goal. On the road to success there are many challenges, doubts and needs, that we help you overcome and meet. Our real estate agency offers complete support, meeting all your expectations.


We actively participate in the process of selling the property – from the first meeting to the hand-over report and passing over the keys. We prepare the property evaluation, discuss together the operation strategy, and support you in completing all the required documents. During the verification of the legal status of the property, we cooperate with renowned notary offices in Warsaw. For sales purposes, we use digital promotion tools, like 3D walks, online presentations and professional photo sessions.


We start with analysing your needs, budget and expectations, then we select and verify the best offers. You can count on our support during sales presentations, discussions between the interested parties and negotiations of the transaction’s terms. We verify the legal status of the property and cooperate with experienced mortgage advisors, who will help you finance the purchase of the new apartment.


We support you through the property lease process by carefully analysing the needs and expectations that are the basis for presenting personalised offers. We actively participate in the entire transaction process, supporting you at every stage, until handing over the keys. We advise on the evaluation of the rental amount, help in completing all the required documents and prepare contracts with notarial security.


Completing and verifying documents and certificates related to a given property is one of the most important points in the entire sales process. We provide knowledge and experience, offering professional assistance in completing all formalities. We prepare a detailed list of required documents, support you during their completion and thorough verification.

This service is free of charge for customers who finalised their transaction with us.


We not only mediate in the purchase transaction, but also provide property management services. This way we offer customers complete support in all activities related to the lease:

  • Looking for a tenant,
  • Being the first point of contact between the tenant and the owner,
  • Solving problems and technical defects at the property,
  • Monitoring the status of the payments (including electricity, gas, rent).


Buying a property is just the beginning of a new adventure. In most cases it is associated with the need to rearrange the interior and carry out renovation works. We cooperate with a professional design studio that will guide you through the entire process of designing and renovating.


One of the ways to increase the value of your property is home staging. This so-called interior lifting increases the visual attractiveness of the premises and prepares it for sale or rent. We will advise you how to carry out home staging within your budget and lead a complete makeover of your apartment, taking care of even the smallest details. You will receive also a professional photo session in the end.


We are aware that the formalities related to real estate lending can be complicated and incomprehensible. In order to go through this process quickly and efficiently, it is worth relying on professional support. Thanks to our long-standing experience on the real estate market, we have selected the best loan advisors in Warsaw. Our experts will guide your through each stage of the process, greatly simplifying all activities. Ask your broker for recommendations.